All Text And Title Images Gone From My Prezi

I have a prezi on prezi classic that I am doing for a school project. My prezi is about the solar system. I came home and decided to work on my prezi. I start my pc and go onto prezi and then I see that nothing is there except for the template I started with. None of my images, text, text boxes. I want to know what happened and how to get it back or to retrieve an old copy of the prezi.

hmm it doesn’t seem to be there. I reloaded my prezi because I was on it when you reverted the prezi.

it says edited on June 21st when I didn’t edit it today. can you try again?

can you revert the presentation to yesterday in the morning?

Yes everything is in my Prezi. Thank You So Much.

Hi Vanda, the same thing has happened to me. My name is Ryan. I completed a prezi and i went on to my computer today and all of my slides, text boxes and pictures are gone. If you could please help me get my presentation back, that would be awesome.
Thank You.

Hi Sam. I checked my prezi just now and it is there. Your a life saver. And is there anyway to save my prezi to my desktop so this issue doesn’t happen again. Thank you.


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