Allow embed code from web 2.0 tools to be pasted into !

I would love the ability to paste embed code from other web 2.0 services into a Prezi! Google Earth allows this but it’s geography related and not web-based. Allowing me to embed more than YouTube would push Prezi so far over the top of any other presentation/mashup/eportfolio tool!

I agree. It should just accept embed codes just like you can do with pbwiki, google earth bubbles, etc…

I would like to embed: Teachertube videos, Voicethread presentations, GoogleDoc spreadsheet forms. Just with those three, you could create interactive lessons that collect feedback and allow embedded sharing across the platforms.

It’s good that you support Youtube, but most K-12 institutions block it, so it does us little good in the classroom.

Also, it would be really cool to allow people to embed rss feeds with some sort of widget. You could trend things in realtime and create “dashboards” that are interactive.

So the listing here says that this feature has been implemented. Any idea when it will actually be available for use?

Hi Zoli,

I too think this is a great idea. Apparently it has been implemented but can you tell me how i can embed the web 2.0 tools in prezi. Also can i embed any web 2.0 tool into my prezi or is it only certain ones?

I would appreciate a speedy response. I’m eager to get creating!


This ability to embed would be a huge plus to teachers who consistently update their assignments and make them available on the web. As I present to my students, it helps to have an electronic representation of a document they have in their hands. One update on a Google doc saves me time because I don’t have to turn it into a PDF and reinsert it. If you’re able to make this happen, I’m never going back to PowerPoint.

Has this been done?  This is three years old.  I have looked at the help and it appears that you allow a lot of video file formats, but no embed code.  Why is this?  There are a lot of different programs, not just videos, that use embed code and it would be amazing to have prezi allow this.  

I’m surprised that this is still something that you have not done anything about.

Hi There–
I can’t figure out how to do this. Does it really work?

Not sure why this post is labeled implemented since the only options for video under the “Insert” menu are YouTube and locally saved files. If we could use the embed codes from other sites (TeacherTube, Vimeo, ScreenCast) it would go a long way to keeping you software relevant. This thread was started a long time ago. Software that lasts tend to be more responsive than this. It isn’t like embed code are bleeding edge technology any more.

Implemented yet? I’d like to embed a Padlet. Can’t seem to be able to embed code yet, though.