Allow us to create Prezis on an iPad



I have just discovered that the Prezi app for iPad has been removed from the App Store, and replaced with just a Viewer.

When I try to create a Prezi in Safari or even in Chrome with ‘Request Desktop Mode’ I am directed to install ‘Prezi for iPad’ and then the App Store opens with the Viewer.

I support IT for a school district that is 100% iPad 1:1, one iPad per student. This inability to create on an iPad means Prezi will not be used and alternatives will be found.

For the sake of those who love Prezi and for your company, please enable creating and editing on an iPad.

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I definitly have the same problem with the changes in the support of editing prezis on the ipad! I use an ipad instead of a laptop on the road and on travel and need to edit prezis. As well as giving prezis to students or invite them to make some presentations (or mindmap-like notes I use prezi for a lot!) is not possible without editing on the ipad!
Thanks for consider the mobile pros in your future prudict roadmap!

I use an iPsd to create prezi presentations for my school. I have nerve damage which makes typing extremely painful, and can’t use prezi now. Maybe most people create on a desktop, but some need tablet access to use it.

I have the same problem at school. We are 1 to 1 with iPads. My students can not generate or edit prezi’s on their iPads. I am able to show and share mine if they use the viewer, but they cannot make their own.
Please make this possible once again!

I was five minutes away from subscribing until I found this out. This is a deal-breaker. It’s a shame, too, because your easy UI lends itself to tablets. With this plus your accessibility challenges, I’m staying far away from Prezi. Very disappointing.

I am in exactly the same boat here: I am a teacher in a low income K-12 school. Our students have nearly 1:1 access to iPads; almost no access to desktops. Most schools in my area are in a similar situation.

Student-created presentations are a huge part of the classroom now. We ask students to create presentations to show what they know in every single subject area. Unfortunately for us, we are stuck using the clunky Google Slides app; and unfortunately for Prezi, this company is really limiting itself if the app can’t be functional in the classroom.

If you want your technology to be part of the next generation, let us teach young people to use it in the schools.

I get why it can’t be done in an iPad browser, since the web authoring UI is still written in Flash. If there’s an effort under way to make it all HTML5, and it’ll include touch support, I endorse that. But why take away the Lite Editor app before that’s done? And if you’re not working to remove Flash, that’s (a) nuts and (b) good reason to shrug and live with lamer but mobile-friendly alternatives.

What’s a “desktop”? According to the calendar app on my iPad this is the 21st century. :wink:

Go to the App Store, tap on Purchased, search your purchases for Prezi and if you did get it before they took it down you can re-download it and use it; until they break this app and not allow you to use it, which would be super stupid and will have me cancel my account.

This is 2016, not 2006; tablets are everywhere and many university students are buying them instead of laptops.

Why is support dropped? Because you can’t right-click with a tablet?? Get real.

Or is it that you are going to continue requiring the use of Flash for viewing and editing?

Flash is like the worst security hole you can install on your computer.

There is this thing called HTML5? Heard of it???

This is going to end up costing you more by the loss of users than the cost of maintaining a functional iPad editor.

I am tremendously disappointed that there is no option for editing Prezis on the iPad. I also work at a school with 1:1 iPads for students, and have just given them a project with the option to use Prezi–only to find out that it’s not actually an option. Very disappointed that this function was taken away, as it seems like a very obvious need for schools (which I am sure you were aware of before this post, as there are Prezi accounts offered for educators/students). Please fix!

Chris, this is exactly my problem!! Please, make Prezi editing again available for iPad. For me and my work it’s a real problem.

Same here. I would like to work on the iPad for portability. I’d much rather work on the iPad in the evenings at home rather than spending my nights in the office. Until then I have to use an iPad compatible competitor. I’d rather use prezi.

This is my problem, too.  I am IT support for our school and we use  ipads, not laptops, at our school.  Many of our teachers have been requiring prezis  … now I need to find another solution for them.

It is sad because you can’t work on previous at home at all on less you have a computer and I need to catch to my class on previous work pls fix

Perhaps, for the sake of clarity and to reduce frustration, the UI can be updated to clarify this issue.

When attempting to create a new prezi from Chrome, the site directs me to install the “Prezi for IPad” app. The option that appears is “Prezi Viewer,” which is confusing. One could be forgiven for assuming this means the Viewer app will allow the user to create a Prezi.

As long as there are no plans to address this function, I would suggest instead a notice saying “You must be on a PC to create Prezis,” or “This function is not supported on your device.” This would have saved me some time and frustration.

I’m surprised that Prezi didn’t think of this, since it looks like this issue was raised at least 5 months ago. The rest of Prezi’s group would do well to take a leaf from Vanda’s book in regards to cust sat.

I firmly believe that Prezi is one of the most, if not the most, dynamic presentation platform currently available to us users. However, this inability to use it on an iPad/tablet seriously provides a significant speed bump. if not a reason to stop using it completely.

Come on guys. WTH. The move to sunset iPad/tablet editting was ridiculously backwards-minded.


It would help so many of us if you allow this to happen. It is 2017 now, please let this happen.

I had to stop using prezi for this same reason

You do know the only way is by reimplementing this feature?
So I guess for at least the short term roadmap we can’t.

I’ve posted before, but I am still so very frustrated by this. There are SO many schools that use 1:1 tablet devices for students, mine included. Each of my students has an iPad, and they ask me all the time if they can use Prezi for their projects and presentations. They are equally as disappointed and frustrated as I am that you can no longer edit Prezis on the iPad. This is a feature that so many wish for, and yet the only response from Prezi is that it is a feature not often desired (clearly not true!) and not in the plan to re-introduce. How frustrating and disappointing. I hope that this changes or that another company creates something similar that we can use. We are all tired of PowerPoint and Keynote presentations…wasn’t that the point of Prezi?? It’s 2017, for goodness sakes! We should be able to create and edit, not just present, on whatever device we may have.