Alternate style of PDF embedding

I have several ideas that were gleaned from a couple of workshops I gave for teachers on Prezi last week.

When a PDF is embedded it makes a separate element of every page. An option to embed a PDF like on Scribd, where you have one element where you can click a page navigator to scroll through the pages, would be great.

Hi there,

THis is a great suggestion, but have you tried it? We really appreciate user suggestions and I will forward this to our developers to talk about next week. PDFs are like big containers, so I’m not sure if it would be possible or not. Let me know your results.


I have toyed with embedding a PDF. It works fine for small documents, but say I was adding a large number of pages, having the option would work well. Check the way embeds. I think that would work well within the Prezi, though the nuts and bolts of implementation could make it not worth the while.