Am I allowed to use my license on multiple computers?


Does the licenses go per user or per computer?

Trying to understand if I can use them by rdp. Windows 10 Pro.


Hey @Alejandro_de_Ildefon you are allowed to use your license on any computer, however please note that sharing the account is forbidden and is against our Terms of Use (see section 3).

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hey there Sam, I understand that.

Can I use in the same computer with two different users the software? Any license requirements?

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Hey @Alejandro_de_Ildefon you can share the same computer between different licenses, no restrictions there.

If you wish to use the desktop application, you’ll need to have an Edu Plus / Plus license or higher though.

Ok so If in the same PC two different persons work by rdp there, I will need a plus license?

I think I understand now, sorry. If it’s for the same license, it would be account sharing which is against our Terms of Use.

If they would use their own licenses (on the same computer) it is completely allowed, however if they want to work offline with the desktop app, they will both need Plus licenses. If they are okay with working in the online editor (on one computer) they can use their own licenses (any of them) and it should work.

For working on the same project with multiple accounts we recommend the collaborating feature as per below:

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ok thanks :slight_smile:

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