Analytics Error



Please see below- the prezi in question only has 20 pages, so viewing should be complete (at 100%) once page 20 is reached, correct? How is one viewer named Sonya gaining additional pages? She was on a non-existing page 32 for over a minute- how is this possible?

I have had this happen before so I have additional examples if needed. (I might have previously commented about it but didn’t find an actual post, sorry if I’m repeating anything.)

In some cases I think it might have to do with sending out a link before the presentation is complete; if I send a link out when something had 25 pages to start, but I edit down to 20, it will register the 25 pages from the original in analytics because at one point those “extra” 5 pages did exist. But, in the shown example, that is NOT the case- this link has always been for a 20 page prezi.


To do a thorough test we will need to request the view link to the presentation.

Also, could you please tell us if you have you experienced something similar with other presentations?


@Lana I’ll privately message you a couple links- it has happened multiple times. Thanks & let me know once you review!