Analytics notes feature


I think it would be amazing & useful if there was an option to annotate the Analytics page.

Meaning, let’s say I have 1 Prezi link that has been viewed by 10 people, and in this case I may not have requested name/email sign in, so they’re listed as Viewer 1 - Viewer 10. I come to find out Viewer 1 is actually my boss, and Viewer 7 is a customer who has asked for follow-up information, and Viewer 10 is someone who has left the company (as examples). I would find it helpful if I could add this information on that page somewhere so that I can more easily keep track of who’s who and any actions that have been taken as a result of the presentation being viewed. So in my examples, I might add notes with some names, possibly a reminder that I need to call Viewer 7 (or the date when I did & results) and so forth…

Making certain fields editable would accomplish (simply being able to change the text of “Viewer 1” to “John Doe”) and/or adding a separate section entirely where general notes could be added would also accomplish.

Please consider adding to the future updates list!


Interesting request @Plastic_Ingenuity. What kind of information would you add to the general notes section?


@vera That would be where I could add details such as their position at X company, and/or whether or not they need/have been followed up with, and/or dates of follow-up, and/or results of that conversation… Whatever information I may have as a result of the presentation being interacted with. I realize there are platforms out there that companies use (like Salesforce, for example) that do a great job of this type of tracking. I certainly don’t expect that level of tracking, but a few notes here & there in Prezi Analytics directly would be helpful at times, and would be a great option so that I can help our team keep tabs on our success!


If you can see this clearly, a few notes on the left give a couple of examples of what I might do if the option was there (and in this instance, I might not add or change anything to any of the other viewers, it might have been that I found out about these 2 individuals only). Hope that helps as well? Thanks @vera


Thanks for clarifying, @Plastic_Ingenuity, this is very helpful. Can you perhaps also share why you chose not to request a name upon sign in?


Sure, in this case it was because I didn’t want to intimidate people into not watching since sometimes that’s uncomfortable. Also, it isn’t critical I know names/emails on this particular presentation. But if I end up finding out who “Viewer 12” is, it’s nice to be able to add that later… And it isn’t just the names, as you can see it’s multiple things & pieces of data that I’d like to notate.


Got it, thanks for all the info! :balloon:


I thought of another note I might add if this was an option: Timestamps.

Right now you can view the exact time someone is opening a Prezi link through Slack, but if I didn’t want to have to scroll back in that app, I might want to add timestamps as notes on the actual Analytics page. Most likely associated with the “Last Opened” date.

Example- I share a link on 7/31 and people don’t view until 8/1. But then I make updates and send out an email to the same group asking for them to re-look at the presentation. Still on 8/1. But by looking at the Analytics directly (and not Slack) I’m not able to tell if they viewed that link before or after my updates… So, I do reference Slack a fair amount, and it’s not terribly inconvenient, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add this scenario as another reason why notes might be useful.

And yes, if I really wanted to keep data separate, I would send out a separate link; that is an option as well. :slight_smile:


It makes perfect sense and also seems to make a great addition to the original request. Thanks for sharing!


Here’s another reason why I want a notes option in Analytics. Expanding on above, really, but check out the image below-

My coworkers have gotten “smart” and sometimes enter fake info. It’s totally fine, and actually lessens the pressure (because they know I can see when they’re viewing & what pages, etc.) plus it’s sometimes funny to see what they come up with, so I wouldn’t want to change the fields, but if there was a space just below what they entered, I could add their real name for my records if I wanted to. Honestly, I know who everyone is most times, it’s when I look back & want to remember 6 mo down the road.


Thanks for the additional context, @Plastic_Ingenuity!