Analytics Tracking for Prezi Design

Is there a way to track page view or click through with Prezi analytics or externally like with GA?

Hello @ISS_Guckenheimer, currently it’s not possible to track external links inserted in the presentation with Analytics, you can check here what is currently tracked.

Nonetheless, we’ll share your feedback with our Product team!

Hey Catarina,

Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I saw there are analytics for Prezi Present, but I don’t see anything for Prezi Design. I’d like to see how many people have viewed a particular design built with Prezi Design, is this possible?

Hey @ISS_Guckenheimer!

Prezi Design is a new tool and there are still some features yet to be added, one of them is analytics. Our team is currently working on this and we hope to have analytics for Prezi Design by the end of this year! Thanks for your questions, feedback like this is very valuable to us.