Animate bullet points separately

Sometimes we type several items into one single text box as bulleted lines or numbered list and after typing that, we want to, for example, animate them separately… then we start a tedious process of copy-pasting to split the single text box in separated lines of text…

It would be great a simple method for explode single text lists into different text box by using one single command.
Dont you think so?


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Thanks for the feedback, Julio, we heard this request from multiple users, we’ll pass it on to our Product Managers.


I have just started using Prezi Next and have only used Classic briefly before.

So I have a text with say 5 paragraphs. They are all written in one text-box. I want to fade in each paragraph one after the other. So it becomes a “slow reveal”. The thing is the only way to do that seems to be through creating a new text-box, pasting one paragraph in it, and then adjusting the position and size of it in relation to the other 4 text boxes. It’s quite tedious and time consuming and in the end the size of the texts easily differs.

Do you understand the dilemma?

It would seem best if I could just split up a text box in several boxes through a command and then fade each in.

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Yes, the solution would be creating new text boxes for every paragraph in order to achieve gradual reveal.

In order to maintain the same text formatting of every text box, I would suggest copying and pasting a paragraph and then adding the new text, like in this GIF:

After that is done, please add individual animations to the text boxes:

This is how it would look in the end:

I would also like to request this feature. I’m a university reference librarian and I make presentations showing students how to navigate the library website, search the catalog and article databases, etc. I often incorporate screenshots of a search page, and then use fade-in arrows and/or zoom to sequentially call out certain features I want them to notice. I’d like to be able to pair each of those animations with a descriptive bullet point that would appear at the same time.

If the entire bulleted list appears all at once before I’ve described each of the features, it’s potentially overwhelming and I think students may actually absorb it less because they will skim the whole thing rather than reading each point as it appears.

@Maren_Williams, it is possible to pair such animations with bullet points. That just requires selecting elements in a group. You can see it shown in the video below:

How is this still not an implemented feature? It costs so much time and is so annoying to separate each bullet point just for the animation!


This has been asked for multiple times and I don’t know why it’s not yet implemented. Please let us animate bullet points in the same text filed separately. It is so annoying and time-intensive to add a separate text filed for every animation.

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Hello @David_Terhurne, I merged your post with the relevant thread. We understand that this would be a very useful feature and I am forwarding your comment to our Product team. As soon as we have any updates we will post it here :slight_smile:

I’ve love using prezi!!! That’s in the spirit of being constructive. I really do. So, how in the world in 2020 can Prezi not figure out how to animate bullet points separately without having to create individual boxes? After reading this thread has been around since 2017, I think I can guess the answer. Here’s my stab at Prezi’s three kind responses, “I understand this would be a very useful feature and I am forwarding your comment to our Product Team.” This is code for kindly saying, “You cute little peon. Why haven’t you figured out we don’t listen to silly suggestions from cute little peons.” Which is why I’m kindly writing that I’m not using Prezi any more. I kindly hate to say it. So with a spirit of improvement, I can’t believe I’m saying it but I’m going back to Power Point. Sigh…it’s so sad. It’s so drab over there in PP land. This is were I’m getting constructively critical because I dearly desire to stay with Prezi but I don’t have enough hours in my year top justify this 1900’s work around. PP invented this back in the 90’s. I’m not being sarcastic when I say I love Prezi. People love it when I use it. It totally rocks. I am part of the Prezi fan base. But alas and anon it cannot but be the end. So to be constructive and succinct in my criticism: These posts by such tremendously insightful people are very excellent and Prezi’s very positive staff response has done nothing to improve the conversation. So I guess this means we’re breaking up. I’m going to go and work on a very boring presentation now.

Hello @Scott_Brooks, I want to let you know that we hear the concerns and suggestions of our users, and all the inputs gathered here are communicated to our Product team.

On the other hand, there are other projects prioritised and already being worked on by our development team, as we have been announcing on this forum, such as: fonts, GIFs, migration from Classic to Next, etc. Although we understand the need for this feature, we also have limited engineering capacity to handle all the requests at the same time, but hopefully in the future we’ll be able to implement it.

Hi team, it’s been four years, please speed it up and get this done. The U.S. has had a full presidency term since this was requested, and we are still waiting for this feature. COVID has come, and a vaccine developed and millions have it already, but this feature is still not implemented. We need it. :slight_smile:


Hello @Daniel_Cassidy, thanks for raising this matter, our Product team is aware of this request, and if there are any changes to the implementation status, we’ll immediately share it here!

I also need the bullet points to be animated. It does seem very strange that this is a standard feature on PP that is still not available here.

Hello @Michelle_Moore, thanks for sharing your feedback with us, if there are any changes regarding this request, we’ll immediately share it it here!

Feature Request on having lines of text animate one line at a time, with click for next line.

I know the work around is to create a text line and animate each line, but when presentations are being created (I think) most of use want to get content in as quickly as possible without spending so much time on tasks like this one.


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Hello @Mark_Krukowski, thanks for sending that recommendation, we will forward it to our Product team :slight_smile:

Further to the OP’s point: aligning the text is very difficult and extremely time-consuming. My bulleted lists, for example, look like my 6yo assembled them.

Hi @Greg_Powell, thanks for your feedback!

Please note that you can align your textboxes with the keyboard arrows as well. If you hold down SHIFT while you do this you can align the object with bigger steps, but all in all, it should give you precise control over the alignment of your items.

Hope this helps!

Is this still not possible? Cheers!