Animate bullet points separately



Sometimes we type several items into one single text box as bulleted lines or numbered list and after typing that, we want to, for example, animate them separately… then we start a tedious process of copy-pasting to split the single text box in separated lines of text…

It would be great a simple method for explode single text lists into different text box by using one single command.
Dont you think so?



Thanks for the feedback, Julio, we heard this request from multiple users, we’ll pass it on to our Product Managers.



I have just started using Prezi Next and have only used Classic briefly before.

So I have a text with say 5 paragraphs. They are all written in one text-box. I want to fade in each paragraph one after the other. So it becomes a “slow reveal”. The thing is the only way to do that seems to be through creating a new text-box, pasting one paragraph in it, and then adjusting the position and size of it in relation to the other 4 text boxes. It’s quite tedious and time consuming and in the end the size of the texts easily differs.

Do you understand the dilemma?

It would seem best if I could just split up a text box in several boxes through a command and then fade each in.

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Yes, the solution would be creating new text boxes for every paragraph in order to achieve gradual reveal.

In order to maintain the same text formatting of every text box, I would suggest copying and pasting a paragraph and then adding the new text, like in this GIF:

After that is done, please add individual animations to the text boxes:

This is how it would look in the end: