Animated GIF


Animated GIFs seriously it’s a pain converting things to SWF particularly as you have to deal with issues such as the frame rate and when you’ve got about 30 odd GIFs you want to show it’s a real pain in the ass.

What specific .gifs are you trying to show? If you’ve created them yourself, there should be options in whatever program you’re using to allow you to export them as .flv, .swf, etc.

No I haven’t created them, I’ve tried to export them as SWF but it proves to be difficult. Still I don’t see why it is such an issue to implement it?

I agree. I don’t have the luxury of converting the gifs I do own into swf files and it proves to be a tedious task. I know the prezi community would appreciate the use of this function and it would lead to a flurry of powerful presentations. This is the 1up PowerPoint/Keynote has over prezi at this point. Allow gifs or create an avenue to access swf files through your insert options and you will champion the digital presentation world.

O Prezi precisa suportar a inserção de gifs animados. A conversão de gifs para flash torna um trabalho muito difícil.

Hi All,
Thank you very much for for this idea, we really appreciate your feedback.

We are constantly improving our tool and our knowledge base, so this is really helpful and I have added this request to our list. One of our major goals is to make Prezi a better tool for our users. We’re working to achieve this but can’t promise anything now.

Note: Adding SWF files that contain actionscript code or animation are NOT supported by Prezi.  

Have a nice day!



Well it looks as if 3 years have passed since your official response about animated GIFs would be nice to include as being compatible and I guess nothing has been done. Progress!.. Progress?

Guys… this is soooo disappointing! GIFs are a way of expressing yourself!
Stop apologizing for the inconveniences… Your apologies mean nothing.
People have been pushing for GIFS for quite a while.
It is just crazy that you haven’t fixed this!

I guess PPT is still better…

Love using Prezi, it’s a great tool. That being said, .gif files would be a great addition to a number of my presentations. Is there any way to get an animated image onto my presentation now?

3 years after still not possible to use gifs on Prezi, shame on you guys!!

we need gifs !!!

This comes out to be a deal breaker. Looped animated GIFs in a slide is ideal while talking through software feature sets. It can be used offline and is lighter weight than video.