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I’m trying to convert a 4 year old PPTX file into Prezi, however, I’ve noticed that I can not use any animated gifs. I apparently ran into old feedback in a basic internet search that suggested converting a gif to an swf file-- that still does not work. Is there any way I can add animated files to the Prezi? Additionally, I tried to import my PPTX file into my Prezi, however, it wouldn’t load. I contacted support, who suggested downgrading to a PPT file. It does say that PPTX is supported…any reason this would not work?

Video as Background

Inserting animated GIFs to a presentation is not possible, I’m afraid. Currently, these are the supported image files in Prezi Next:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • GIF (non-animated only)

We understand that animated GIF files are important to some of our customers, we make sure that this feedback will reach the responsible product team.

As for importing PowerPoint files to your presentation, it shouldn’t make any difference whether you use PPT or PPTX. Could you please share more details about the issue that is happening, do you get any error messages?

If it was possible for you to share this PPTX file with us, we could run some tests and investigate further.


Technically there’s no such thing as a non-animated GIF, so I don’t think that should be on the list of accepted image files.


In Prezi Classic we could at least bring our GIFs as SWF. Now in Prezi Next, that’s impossible, and i think that that’s very sad. Is there any possibility of Prezi supporting animated GIFs in the future? That would be awesome, game-changer…


Hi!!I have one question. I have Prezi Next, but i don´t find the way to add a graphic, only as a image. I don´t find the button “Insert graphic”. I have a Plus account.Any help would be appreciated.
I mean, I would like to add graphics that are animated like a few videos that i saw in youtube.
Thanks in advance


@B.D.J animated graphics are not supported in Prezi Next for the time being, I’m afraid, please see my answer above for the supported file types.


I am not sure if this is going to help at all in terms of pushing this along, but I am also trying to include animated graphics in Prezi and it’s becoming a show stopper.
I’m using Prezi primarily for supporting visual aids during training, and animated graphics would be the difference between having to use another product to produce video content for people to refer to post training and being able to just have the presentation available (or sections of it).
Is there any update on when support for this will be coming? I remember being able to do the SWF thing previously and this is a real blocker for me (to the point I am starting to consider if I need to find other options, as it is time consuming to use multiple products to reproduce content due to a failing in one product)


I’m having that exact thought as well.


@Chloe_A, @Jeff_Robedee, thank you for your input. As the request is under discussion, we’ll make sure to notify you as soon as there is an update.


Have to add my +1 to this request! We’ve designed almost 1000 Prezi templates and when animated SWF files were supported people really loved them, animated content was the most popular. I’m not talking about presentations where all the content is flying around :smiley: but just imagine the picture below as a background for your Prezi, even a small motion gives a huge effect. People love animations, so Prezi please don’t stop innovating and allow animated GIFs :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback. This does look like a great background image indeed!


Used Prezi years ago. Just started subscribing today. I was under the impression that GIF animation was supported, like it used to be. May have to cancel my account now. You guys should really look into this.


@Gustavo_Arguello, we’d be sad to see you go. We understand that GIF animation is an important feature for you. We’ll make sure to add any news to this thread, so should you consider giving Prezi another go, please feel free to check this topic for an update on GIF animation.


+1 on gif animations


+1 on gif animations too


+1 on gif animations


#1 on gif animations. I’ve completely stopped using Prezi altogether for the last 9 mos. until they’ve made some changes. : )


I second that because nowadays you can make very nice gif-animations with a sleight of hand, with real pics. I don’t need any cartoons, but since flash run out due to its safety concerns, it would be helpful to have gif-animations instead.


+1 not just for Prezi Next but also Prezi Classic, which frankly is my preferred tool.

Ever since you ditched SWF you seem to just ignore the avalanche of requests for some form of animation, of which Animated GIFs are the most common. It seems very odd to be so set against it, when as you read above there are plenty of good reasons to implement this. PLEASE make this a priority, otherwise I might end up back at Powerpoint…


+1 on gif animations too. We need some gif animations to make presentation cool.