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Hi @RobinsNest_Pro what version of powerpoint you are using please?



the latest 2016

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I would like to add animated Gifs to Prezi, I am not sure if I am adding this to the right area though.



+1 on gif animations
I am a computer science teacher. It’s very hard to teach students how to professionally use Prezi Next when they can’t add GIF animated images. My students reply to the absent of such an important feature is that “Prezi is not a professional software to use.” They preferred to go back and use Power Point instead.
The feel of the 3D in Prezi is very impressive, but the lack of adding gif animations is a drawback.
Please, take in consideration adding this feature.

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Gracias, si es cierto, cuesta, pero con el avance de tecnología, será igual a Pawer pointer pero en 3D



Hey, lets change it. Here is a petition.
Vote if it is important to you. It can help.

What else should i write? Let me know please. This is it. Prezi team continue to ignore the hundreds requests about this point. Prezi has many cool features that can keep its audience interested. However, every cool presentation is incomplete without GIFs and Prezi Next still does not have this option. If the Prezi team want decent adoption, and longevity of subscription, the product team need more speed in responding to these customer demands. We are tired to wait on a solution.

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why is some of your text blurred until I click on it?



I am also in education. One alternative to consider: Use a screen video snipping tool to capture sections of the Prezi and then import the video into PowerPoint. Once in PowerPoint you can add the GIFs to the PowerPoint presentation. However, this should not be necessary if Prezi were willing to listen and respond to customers. Unfortunately, Prezi will loose many subscribers shortly (including myself) if they can’t resolve this matter.



Very disappointed that every iteration of Prezi has less features than the previous one. From allowing flash animation to gifs to only static images, Prezi Next has become a much less “powerful” presentation tool. Previous version had many useful (what seem to be now reduced to 2 “Topic”) templates. Frankly all that Prezi Next has to offer over a well organized Powerpoint is a simple zoom function and that doesn’t quite justify the price of a paid account.
I certainly don’t understand the reasoning behind this simplification of what was once a great presentation tool.
Currently using the free educational version; won’t be suggesting our school use the paid version.



Right, it has been almost 2 years now. No gifs? Im currently on basic but was thinking about buying premium. But when i learned gifs arent a thing at prezi. I was immediately turned around. I don’t know what your sales plan is but to not listen to what hundreds of users want is not a very good idea. Lost one more customer, and im not the only one.


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+1 for Gifs…it is a MUST



Prezi Team give us animated gifs in presentation. Otherwise I will cancel my subscription!!!



Please find a way to allow animated gifs!



Really? No gifs allowed? I thought Prezi could be a tool I need for presenting my thoughts efficiently but after seeing this I strongly hesitate with staying in this community.

You sell not only a product with generate quantified numbers of income but also you build a community with your customers. Short glance to this topic reveals that you are deaf to expectations of this community. Sadly I would have to consider alternatives to your platform.

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I am in the list of customers requesting GIFs… is incomplete Plezi if not added



I wholeheartedly agree with this thread, prezi needs to support animated gifs! Wish I could use them



+1 for this, too. Starting to ask myself if Prezi really is better than Powerpoint

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We are becoming more creative with PowerPoint and are finding some cool things to do! The only thing we miss is “flying” from place to place, but that is minor at this point with everything else that Prezi Next lacks.



Wow, still no Animated GIFs? That’s bad. Won’t purchase Prezi until this issue is resolved…