Animated GIFs

+1 on gif animations

It is really kind of confusing to argue on this no-brainer topic - just push it up the backlog and deliver!

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+1 on gifs

cant believe gifs not not available, no way am I a purchasing a subscription until this feature is available.


But it’s March 2019 now and it’s STILL not happened, 2 years after the initial request. If your PO’s dont prioritize it, the least they or you could do is inform us. You feel that’s the way you should build a community and interact with your (paying) customers?

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I’ve used other presentation software since my trial ended. Won’t be paying until you guys actually show an interest.

Whatever the criticism seems to be, on this thread or others, no one seems to care. My biggest concern is now: how to easily migrate the slide designs to another app. Done with Prezi.

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@Peter_Later I’m sorry if this is a dealbreaker for you, I can assure you that we constantly forward the growing number of requests to the responsible team and hopefully we can share some relevant updates soon. We constantly monitor this thread until that even if we don’t repeat ourselves with this statement, as currently, this is the only response we can provide, I’m afraid.

+100 on gif animations

not subscribing until they come

I understand you work in Sprints. But geez guys… some PREDICTABILITY of like “we’re not going to get to this this quarter, next 6 months” or whatever would really reduce the irritation factor. It’s not ONLY about backlogs and team velocity. But actually about what your customers want, and informing them about progress beyond the “we have sent your request to…” level.

I think we, as a user group, can help by giving real-life use case scenarios for this application, so that more attention is given. In my opinion only, I think GIFs get a bad rap for being too meme-y and not a serious business tool. I disagree and have +1 above as well. That said, I’ll start with my examples:

  1. short instructional steps shown visually in a step-by-step process, when watching an entire video start-to-finish isn’t necessary or conducive to the process flow
  2. a meaningful start or finish to a presentation (either to break the ice, or to end on a humorous note)
  3. real-life examples when discussing/presenting a topic that lends itself to more than just flat photos (time-lapse, vehicles in motion, mfg processes; among others)
  4. to stress a point given about a certain topic & make sure people are paying attention/retain the information (an audience wake-up, so-to-speak)

I’m sure I’m missing plenty of other uses… I’d love to see this added in the (near) future. Hopefully it gets bumped up faster if we can share even more reason why this is so important to us!!


I’m sorry but user stories is something they pay the product owner for. It’s not my job to be their product manager. Already wasted enough time on Prezi.

@Peter_Later it was just an idea


Is it possible add GIFs animation?



Hi @Adriano_Santana, I merged your post into the relevant thread.

Currently, it is only possible to add non-animated GIF files to Prezi presentations, please look for updates about this feature request in this thread.

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Acctualy, exists two kind of GIFs file :no_mouth: but, we those’t want static GIF!

HI Everyone. I have recently start working on Presentation for Board. However, I am facing significant difficulty in making Increasing Graphs, Rotating Graph and my whole presentation is based on my financial analysis, where i would be showing increasing graphs,pointing out problematic areas. I have to deliver presentation to Board of Thursday. So kindly help.

Its been 3 months I have purchased it. If I am unable to produce what the Board needs, I am going to PPT again.

Same here. I am so frustrated with this. been on Prezi Next from last 3 months. Now thinking to shift to PPT.


Hi there! We’re here to help, but I’m afraid we would need a bit more information. Can you let us know what you’re trying to achieve with these graphs? What kind of effect are you looking for? Also, if you could share with us the link to the presentation, that would be extra helpful :slight_smile:

Wonder is there any product equivalent to Prezi in the market?

+1 for GIF animated feature in Prezi next