Animated GIFs

Welcome! Not sure when this will happen. . . we have been waiting for almost 2 years now. . .

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Any news on when animated GIFs and other animations are going to be possible in Prezi Next? Other than vague comments like “soon” or “we told the team” etc. Like a clear timeline would be helpful in order to take a subscription.

I’m sorry to say but with so many complaints being ignored it doesn’t stimulate to subscribe

I think it’s safe to say that they don’t care about bringing animated images to Prezi. Very disappointing. Having to move to a video to show something can be cumbersome in a lot of situations. Often an animation can be playing on the side whilst the rest of the presentation is being done.

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Then why lie to us for over 2 years? Why not just tell things straight up so we can make a choice.

Anyway. I know enough. Going to use other apps for most of the presentations. I have one or 2 on here, will keep them. But no way in hell I’ll be paying subscriptions for service levels like these.

I came back to use Prezi to find this new version is so dumbed down.

I understand the migration to HTML5 but can not for the life of me see why your programming team is struggling to add animated GIF’s and auto advance options for the online version.

Like many in this thread I feel I have made a poor investment… (I have committed to payment)

Can the moderator advise?

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+8, on adding GIF capability to Prezi because that’s how many of us at my company routinely use Prezi and need GIF’s in our presentations. We invested time and energy learning to use Prezi and we’re paying a subscription because it looked promising. Up until just a few years ago we used PowerPoint and it’s part of our Office updates so it would be easy for us to go back. There’s an old saying, “If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.”

I feel awkward asserting myself like this, but with this poor support I have made a decision to move.

I also feel grieved that I have been duped into investing into a year subscription for something that I thought I would be using.

While it does not have the zoom that I was attracted to in the first place, I have now moved to Powtoon…

It has similar interface to Prezi Classic and has animating GIF and export to video.

Powtoon clearly works with HTML5. I also use Gravit which has amazingly sophisticated editor all delivered thru a browser.

As an experienced developer I can see that the tech team at Prezi is struggling to deliver the quality they did in classic with Flash. I sincerely hope that they are working hard to deliver the quality of product, that Prezi Classic was.

I’ll check back during my year’s subscription to see how its going.

Good Luck.

Paul Ranson


We too have moved on, but monitor in hopes that Prezi will finally deliver what they were once great at. . . :frowning:

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+1 on this for sure. Animated GIFs offer so much versatility in professional and corporate presentations. My go to was to just recreate/convert the GIF to an MP4 and upload it as a video file, but the big ugly play button with the “middle of the video” thumbnail that appears at the start of every video ruins that as well. I’ve been a die hard Prezi user since almost the beginning, but I feel the platform is moving backward. Would love to see some progress on this.

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Dear community, :wave: we hear you. We forwarded this request to our product team, and we will make sure to post any information about it as soon as we have updates. :blush: Please stay tuned!

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Sorry to say but I’ve moved on in terms of wanting to pay for it. You’ve been giving such an opaque answer for 2 years. Had you said: “sorry not a feature we intend to implement” then people know and you’d be surprised how many would subscribe anyway.

But this constant lying to us is just outright insulting. Don’t want to use a company’s technology that lies to me. Because then what else are you lying about? Just disgusted about the time investment I made believing in Prezi!


This request was “forwarded” two years ago and yet NOTHING. You have lost us pretty much and we no longer tell our customers about you because we cannot create what they need or want using Prezi Next. It is very sad because Prezi used to be the ONLY platform we used and promoted. :frowning:

“We forwarded this request to our product team, and we will make sure to post any information about it as soon as we have updates.” has been stated over and over and over again for 2+ years for many functions that were lost and yet here we are still waiting and paying for your promises. Well, we no longer are paying, but are monitoring since we invested 7+ years of paying and now have to fully redo everything in another platform since we refuse to pay a monthly fee for Classic which does what we need it to do and yet will not be worked on at all.

It will take a MAJOR overhaul of Prezi Next that includes those basic functions that were lost from Classic (and has been requested and basically ignored for the past 2+ years) for us to even consider Prezi again. :frowning: It pains me to even write this since I LOVED Prezi and still like it, but the way Prezi has ignored its customers this tells my company that customers are really not the focus any longer. :frowning:


Yeah, so animated gifs has been a thing on the internet since the early 90s, trust me, I’ve been a web developer since then, so how come it’s so much trouble integrating this into Prezi? I mean, come on, 2 years and you still haven’t figured out a way to reply to hundreds of request for this “feature”. (I’m really hessitant to call it a feature by the way).

Are you really gambling on your users being there for much longer when you keep ignoring their requests for a thing that’s been possible since the 90’s? I needed the feature today, doing a big presentation on a exibition with thousands of people. I thought surely this must be fixed by now, but sadly no.

You can’t even provide us with a timeline for when it will be implemented, that’s some serious BS if you ask me. I bet my firm will move back to PP, not because of this lacking feature, but because you don’t seem to take your customerbase seriously at all.


Just got a request from the company President to include GIFs in his personal presentation. Bummed it can’t be done. He really wants short loops of each of his children to be on screen as he discusses his family life with his executive group. As far as I know this can’t be done with current video capabilities since each video requires a click to play separately.

Still no support!!! It’s been 2 years!


FYI I will be canceling my prezi subscription specifically you do not support gifs. Please let us know when you are going to make this a priority. I also think it is ridiculous that you don’t basic rich text options. I can’t even create a hyperlink??? Very sad.


Hello, someone can help me how i put gifs on Prezi???

Hello @Charmzilla_Plays, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Currently it’s still not possible to insert GIFs in Prezi, and we keep forwarding your requests to our product team. As soon as we have any updates we will let you know :slight_smile:

This has been the response for OVER 2 years. . . . apparently you’re product team is either not listing to the customer or don’t care. This is one of many reasons why so many are NOT happy with Prezi and are leaving. . . Please pass this on to your product team. :frowning:


+1 Please add GIF or at least looping video to Prezi Next.