Animation in PDF export

Hi I have made an infographic in Prezi Design, and I want to export to PDF. I know how to do that, and it works just fine. However one of my charts on the prezi is a heat map. When scrolling over a country in the prezi it shows the figure related to that country. However when exported to PDF this doesnt work anymore. Is it possible to activate these animations when in PDF format? Or how can I better share the infographic? Not everyone in our organization has Prezi.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Maria_van_der_Vliet,

The tooltips that show up on the map on mouse hover will not work on the PDF export, as the file format does not support this. What I can suggest instead is to use the fifth column of the map’s datasheet (called Label) and enter any numeric or textual data you want to be seen in the PDF. Then expand Map properties in the settings panel and enable the Label toggle. Whatever data or text is entered in the Label column will be shown on the map.

However, for the full interactive experience, I suggest sharing the project view link instead of an exported file. Others don’t need a Prezi account to view your infographic. Open the project in the editor, click the Share button in the upper-right corner of the page, and there you can copy the link.