Animation naming

I would like the ability to name my animations if possible in the future.

I currently have an instance where I have a map/blueprint, and as I navigate through, there is a lot of zooming in to dept. “rooms” and having photos/videos appear, video playback, and page zoom-outs… Currently at 48 and counting!

As I go on to edit and make changes, swap photos/add text/group & ungroup, it’s difficult to keep everything in order and to know what I need to change within that long list (without messing things up). If I was able to name the animations, such as “Fade in Engineering photos” (instead of Fade in Multiple Objects), and “Zoom to Engineering Dept” (instead of Zoom to Area) etc. etc. that would help immensely!!

Let me know if you have any suggestions in the meantime. I may have to write down to keep track for now.


Hi @Plastic_Ingenuity, thanks for the idea, I’ve forwarded it to our product team. :slight_smile:

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To order the videos created with Caterkids I used Video Editor - it’s in Windows 10.

Hello @Dragut_Ramona, is there anything we can help you with?

@Bart adding one more detail: it would also be helpful (either with above request or maybe instead of above at first, if it’s faster) to have the animation in the menu be highlighted when that item is selected on screen. Meaning if I have a video that fades in, when I select that video in my workspace, it could indicate which fade animation it’s being used in within the long menu by making it a different color when it’s active, or something along those lines. Does that make sense?

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, thanks so much for sharing your feedback, our Product team is currently discussing and working on some changes in the animations feature :slight_smile: Whenever we have any developments, we’ll update this thread!

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