Animations get lost when copy pasting content

When I copy paste a selection, or all of the content of a subtopic, the animations don’t get copied.
Going by other topics I have read on this forum, animations are supposed to be copied and without this functionality working becomes extremely tedious.

I am using an up to date version of Firefox.

Any ideas what could be the problem? @Agnes maybe?

I have now tried using Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Apple and Windows. Not working anywhere.

Can I get any kind of reply please? Is this an unknown issue for everyone else? Do you need further information? Anything?

@Lukas Could you send us the link of the presentation in question and the exact system specs of your computer(s) please?

Does this also happen when you copy an entire topic/subtopic from the sidebar? Thanks for any further information.

Thanks for replying. I sent you the link in a PM, but copy pasting animations actually works in no presentation for me, it’s not limited to a specific one.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t think of anything since the process is pretty straightforward.

Thanks for the link, we tested the presentation and hopefully figured out what the problem might be:

When you use stack style topics/subtopics, you can only select all the content on the page while selecting a planet style topic and copy+pasting it is much simpler in the sense that you only have to select the “bubble” before zooming it and this way you can copy all its content as well, animations included.

Since you can only select the elements on the page, animations will not be automatically copied with those. However, if you select the given page in the left sidebar and copy+paste it, the animations will also be duplicated.

Hopefully this will solve the problem!

This is interesting information and does provide another tool to work with, however, it does not really solve my problem.

Using the method you described, the program seems to create a sort of new “layer” within the same bubble that can be transitioned to, but I have not found a way to make both the existing as well as the copy pasted content visible at the same time.

What I want to do is create a new presentation using a single sheet, or screen, that shows all the content that is presently contained within bubble subtopics, and then zoom into the various bits of content over the course of the presentation. No transitions from one bubble to another, a single sheet containing all the content at various sizes, and “transition” by zooming in and out as needed.

@Lukas I’m sorry if this is not a convenient solution for you, however, I’m afraid this is the only two ways to go when copying content from Prezi presentations.

If you would like a vision board kind of summary of your presentation, you might try to not include any default animations and only navigate on the screen by clicking and zooming to the objects you would like to discuss in more details, in which case selecting the content on each slide and copying it without the animations included might be a convenient solution.

Thanks for your help!