Animations inside a PREZI

Would it be possible to create some animations with some basic figures that can appear to underline, highlight or circle an idea/point? It happens when you are explaining a science graph (like diffractogram, or thermogram, etc.) that you want to indicate a point without loosing the complete view, and you want it to appear at a specific moment, not before nor after. In such cases, an arrow or circle that shows is great.
I think this could be done by playing with elements in front/back of the view, some elements that are behind the image could appear and either stay or go back.
Another way to do this could be an “animation layer” with some basic figures that can appear to underline, highlight or circle an idea/point.

Thanks for your attention. When this issue can be solved and several fonts/symbols can be used in text, I will definitely become pro.

Thanks for your detailed idea - the more details, the better when we review ideas posted here. All ideas here are reviewed by our dev team. As you can imagine, the ideas with the most user requests are often pursued and developed but we consider everything suggested by our valuable user base.

If we have an update about a feature release, we will post here in this thread or on our Prezi Facebook page.


I second this idea. I have just been introduced to Prezi, and as I am creating my first Prezi I really miss the ability to add items (pictures, icons, lines, arrows, etc.) to a “view” to - as Jose says - underline or expand on a point. For instance, I have three bullets in a frame and I’d like to add an icon or picture for each bullet to this frame and have them appear (fade in) one after the other. For me, a feature like this a requirement for Prezi to make it as a replacement for other presentation tools.