Animations - Like Fade In and Out


I would like to see the ability to have “any element” “appear”, as in fade in or out. This is still a great tool for highlighting an idea which I sorely miss from Power Point and Keynotes. I’d be happy with just that animation alone…but more would be merrier!

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for the great suggestion. I’ll forward this along to our developers!


Can we add other animations like popup or appear (without zooming in) other than zoom in effect to prezis?

Animations in Prezi._

That’s not yet possible, sorry. But since this is a very popular request, see…, I don’t think we will be ignoring it. But I can’t promise anything, sorry. For now, please use rotating and zooming to hide details and guide the focus of your audience.

I’d like to bring text or images “to life.” Is there any way to have them fade in/out, slide or expand/shrink while in the presentation?

For example, if I have a timeline and I want to show when an event occurs on the line, I’d like to be able to have an “event line” labeled with text fade in to show what period it took place on the timeline. Another option would be to have the “event line” slide into place or “grow” into place by expanding.

Bringing text and images to life…._


I miss some animations like in Power Point. I need a function to show sentence by sentence (don’t show all for the first time).

Or a “zone” (area) which covers some information at first and then disappears.


Object animations. What I sometimes would like is for objects in my prezi to be moved, or even removed, during the presentation. I know people tend to over-use this tool in powerpoints, but it is still in some cases a very useful tool. For example if you want to show the difference between adding a reagent or not in a scientific presentation. Or you want to show interactions between a ligand and an enzyme, you want to be able to add an animation of separate objects. At the moment I then have to make do with adding a movie file, which is a lot harder to make and edit.

Animations within your prezi._

Has Prezi died? This is a very old and imho very important wish. It keep me using Powerpoint instead of Prezi.

When I first saw Perzi, I had great expectations. But now, when time passes without important things being fixed, I start loosing hope.

For hiding things or making them appear these might be helpful…just copy them to your Prezi and your away.……