Any plans to add Apple Watch support?

I give loads of presentations from my iPad or iPhone and have recently found using the Apple Watch is a fantastic way of controlling it all whilst I walk around talking - any chance of getting watch support for the Prezi app??

Dear Chris,

Great idea, thank you for your feedback.
I am going to forward this to the product managers.

Warm regards,
István Csúsz

This is really needed. It this point, I’m moving back to Keynote as that does support presenting with the watch as remote. Thanks for keeping it on your radar!

Have to agree here. I’m often presenting off the phone and having a clicker on the watch would really free me up in presentations. Are there any real plans for this?

Hello Prezi team,

I wonder what’s the out-put of this request, it will be great feature to have on Prezi, I will definitely use it and I’m sure other will do as well.

Product manager

A"Must Have" support needed definitly, (Keynote have this advantage), is far more easy to control via Apple Watch (so we can have our hands free for others purposes).#Istvan Csusz wrote 2 years he was going to forward this to the product managers… Any update about this topic?  a good Comunity Manager could be really helpful here…

Any update Istvan?