AppBlockers blocks exported Prezi .EXE files

Dear all,

Most our clients as well as most of my department are currently at home.

Now, we have several security levels, incl. an application blocker.

The whitelisting is mostly made by hash-keys or digital certificates.
As most company will soon be choosing that kind of security for their desktop clients to the
lastest randsomeware-threats, we are not able to start or create any EXE files anymore.

Does prezi plan to integrate their digital certificate to and created EXE? Or is there any offer solution available?

We have had multiple issues from our clients or suppliers to run an prezi EXE file!
I am looking foward hearing from you.
I highly appreciate your assistance.


Hi @Markus_Hartmann, I’ve forwarded your question to the respective team and I’ll get back to you once I have their answer. :slight_smile:

Hi @Markus_Hartmann, unfortunately digital certificate for the exported exe files are not possible at the moment. We will update this thread if there are any news about this feature.

Dear Bart,

I appreciate your response. I am just wondering, what I should communicate to our employees?
That this is a known issue and you are working on it?
Or that - due to the current setup of Prezi - there will be no solutions in the near future available?

Is there any other way to export Prezi files? Maybe we just have to address that issue to our communication partners… and that would solve that issue at least for some time (workaround).

Thank you again.

Hi @Markus_Hartmann, the issue has been raised to our developers however for the time being we cannot provide an estimate fix date as we don’t oversee developer project roadmaps.
As a workaround I could recommend the PDF export of the presentation.

Could you specify for what reason do you need to export the presentation so I might be able to better help you?