"appError" when I try to access my Prezi

I try to get into my prezi and it says appError. I was editing it earlier today and it worked fine. My internet connection is fine and I have tried opening it on Safari, Firefox and Chrome. My presentation is due Thursday! Any suggestions?

same here! need to finish it, 'cuz my presentation is tomorrow. pls advise! thanks,

It looks like everyone and their brother is having this issue. The site must be down. Hopefully, they will resolve soon!

Please i have the same problem its a nightmare!!!


Me too! I’m keynoting huge conference in the am and need to finish. Can’t access any of my Prezis, so I’m beyond thinking it’s because my presentation is too big.

PLEASE PREZI fix this quickly!

Also questioning reliability of this software. I love it so much, but frankly, it’s a big risk to use professionally if we can’t access immediate help and crashes like this happen. These problems can cause major problems for those of us really investing in it as our communication platform with clients and investors.