Apple Magic Mouse erratic behavior

My mouse seems to be not calibrated to the Prezi and doesn’t move to where I want it when I am editing. How do I make it not jump around and stop the glitches.

It is only with Prezi, unfortunately. The mouse that I have is less than a week old. 


Ok for instance, currently working to change my path and add the small pink words as a slide. You can’t see my mouse but I was hovering over the pink words but the path line was all the way down past the words I was on. 

I have tried 2 different mice and on two different Prezis they are not calibrated correctly. I will try to click a certain area and move it somewhere but it won’t follow the path correctly and does its own thing. Very annoying and time consuming to guess where the mouse will end up. 

Hi there - I, too, get the same really erratic mouse behavior when using Prezi (or at least I think it’s the same behavior that Jessica is describing.  For me, it’s just with Prezi and it’s just with my Apple Magic Mouse regardless of the browser that I use - I have no problems at work on my regular mouse in the Windows environment.  I think it has to do with this mouse’s swipe feature (whereon one just swipes their fingers across the top of the mouse for some navigation).  The jumps around the page and the constant zooming in/out are really quite annoying…I don’t think there’s anything you can do, Prezi Folks, besides advise us to not use a magic mouse when able.  It’s not unusable, it’s just annoying.  :)

So, I’m taking back what I said about the zoom in/out, etc. working fine on a Windows machine.  It works better, but definitely isn’t perfect.  Good think I like what I’m building in here, otherwise, I’d potentially get too annoyed with using this tool, honestly.

I’m using a Windows machine with a DOS-based mouse at work.  It’s not *as* erratic, but it’s still jumps around quite a bit.

I have the same problem and it truly is very annoying to the extent that I do not want to use Prezi. I also do not want to turn off the swiping feature of my mouse since it is very useful otherwise. I hope there can be some kind of fix

I’ve luckily got a Windows machine on which I’ve been  able to put together some really “ooh, that’s cool!” presentations, but the Mac mouse does indeed lead one to throwing one’s magic mouse across the room.  I do find that the erratic behavior tends to “build up” and that if I just save my presentation and then refresh my page, it settles it down.  I wonder if it’s got something to do with the back button saving up cached memory?  I have no idea though, really.