Apply video templates to imported Prezi presentation

I’m new to Prezi Video. I see that I can use a video template to start a new video, or I can import an existing prezi presentation. I would like to import my existing Prezi and then apply one of the video templates to it. Is that possible?

I have the same question. I see that you can import ppt, which is great; but, I would hope the capability existed. Please let us know! Thank you!

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Hello @Jess_McBeath and @Christine_Rance, you are able to start a presentation using one of our video templates:

Screen Recording 2020-05-04 at 07.23 PM

Then, if you want to reuse the content of one of your presentations, I would simply recommend to copy the desired content into the presentation with the video template :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!

Thanks, I see now that you select the template first and then import your slides. Although I note that it makes the imported slide a small rectangle on the screen, rather than showing just the images or text from the slide i.e. it doesn’t look the same as your Prezi video templates. I guess what I’m looking for isn’t possible! Thanks for your time.

Hello @Jess_McBeath, you can access this template dashboard through here:

Then, when you select one of the video templates, you should copy the text + images from the desired presentation to the topics/subtopics. Please, check this article to know how to copy content in Prezi Next.

After building your presentation, you can easily record your video by clicking on the “Record video” button, as you can see in this example.

Hope it could help :slight_smile: