Are businesses/ employees of a business allowed to have/use a basic/public/free account?


I am looking for some information on limitation of a free account. Our local government is looking into using Prezi and we are starting to educate the employees. However, the organization is worried about the use of a free account. Are there any legal limitations/ terms of use that would prohibit the government/ organization from using and/or having employees use free accounts?
Are there any special pricings for governments/government employees?

Greetings and thank you in advance!


Hello @Magdalena_Schurmann, please know that businesses and employees are equally free to use Prezi (including the free Basic accounts - it only depends on the company whether employees are allowed to have this type of Prezi accounts), however, please keep in mind that with a free Basic account you can only create public presentations that are indexed in search engines so in case the presentations include confidential information, I’d recommend purchasing a Standard or above license so you can create private presentations as well. Please check our pricing page for the different options.