Are there any LONG presentation templates (c. 150 slides)?

I teach in Japan. My students tend to fall asleep unless I present them with new information, especially visual information, every minute. Thus I typically have more than 90 slides for my 90 minute lectures, sometimes as many as 150 slides (it is easy to spin through 10 or 20 photos, illustrating some behaviour, or custom, in a couple of minutes).

The super-visual nature of Prezi would appeal to my students. At least one of my colleagues uses it and the students like it. I think that the Japanese have minds structured like a Prezi presentation.

But I can’t see any templates of nearly this length.

I guess I would need both 2D maps of lecture subtopics, layered to a depth of about 10 topics.

Does anyone have long slides shows like this? Can I download any examples?

Also I tried importing my slides but even before the issue of length, I could not because the Japanese would not display.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I see that upon power point input I can choose a template and Japanese compatible theme. 

I see that I can add as many slides as I like.

I also see that in “Edit Path” mode (which is NOT only for editing the path) there is a camera for taking a snapshot of the overall canvas or sections of it.

I guess that is the way to make frame copies.

Unlike in PowerPoint, I can’t seem to get the cursor into the vertical “path” (on the left hand side of the screen in Edit Path mode) so all extra content is added to the end of my presentation, which, since it is very long, make life difficult, as take stuff that is added to the bottom to a position nearer the top. This problem is compounded since the path frames are small so it is difficult to see where one is adding the overview, or extra content.

Also, I am not sure if taking a snapshot of the canvas is the way to zoom out to give an overview.

It seems to me that Prezi might also have entities that are not slides in the path but ‘dummy frames’ or “movement frames”  containing the same content from a different view (zooms, zoom-outs, twists, movements left and right). It seems that one can add animations to slides but I did not find a way of zooming out a frame to give an overview.

Aha, in order to add things into the middle of ones path, one can use the plus points in the lines (between frames) in the right hand frame in “Edit path mode” dragging them to frames to copy frames, or dragging them to the overview to add in an overview.

There does not seem to be a third dimension. Prezi’s do not have “layers.” That is all well and good I think. (The universe is two dimensional too).

I am slowly getting there, but it would be nice to see a LONG prezi.


Thank you Paul!