Arrows, fullscreen buttons not visible with new viewer

Hello all,

I’ve been troubleshooting all day long and have reached out to Prezi support on this issue, but am hopeful perhaps I might find help here. I have over 30 Prezis embedded in my website that all worked flawlessly until recently (today, I believe). Although I haven’t edited any of the Prezis or changed the embed code on any of them, some of the Prezis now no longer display the arrows, fullscreen mode, or other buttons/controls in the bar underneath the Prezi. Instead, I just see a solid black bar. I can still use my keyboard arrows to move from slide to slide, but the crucial missing button and functionality is fullscreen viewing. Since these Prezis are used in elementary and middle school classrooms, teachers absolutely need to be able to project them in fullscreen in order for them to be readable by students.

All the Prezis were all created from the same custom template in Prezi Classic and I used embed code from Prezi for all. I checked the embed codes of Prezis that are showing a functional control bar with buttons vs those that are just showing a black bar, and the embed code is the same (except for the source). I’ve tried creating a duplicate copy of the Prezis that are not showing the buttons, and also copying the content in a brand new blank Prezi. The same problem persists.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have hundreds of teachers using these Prezis and the complaints with the lack of fullscreen functionality are starting to come in. Thanks in advance!


Hi Lana,

Thanks for the reply. Below are original links. Obviously on, viewers have the ability to switch back to the old viewer. Doing so brings the arrows and fullscreen button back into view. But my customers view my Prezis through my website, which does not offer them the option to switch back to the old viewer. Unfortunately I do not want to direct them to view on because I want control of how the links are shared. I also have concerns about how long the old viewer will be supported, so am uncertain that using it is a permanent fix.

Qit 8 (works):

Qit 10 (doesn’t work):

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Lana – I meant to reply directly to you with the links but inadvertently posted them as a new comment below and wanted to be sure you saw them. Let me know if you have further questions – thanks!

Thanks, Lana! I posted here in the forums thinking maybe another user had experienced a similar issue and might have an easy solution for me in the embed code. I appreciate your help and will wait to hear back from Prezi Support – thanks!

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