As an option having a drawing tool selected all the tme

Could it be possible to have the drawing tools work all the time until you deselect it? When you dobbelclick on the function or as an option on a context menu?
Then the freehand drawing would be a lot more usable.

I agree! I have a computer pen which allows me to draw on the screen. I can’t use it on prezi yet though because of this same problem.

Hi Brian and Michael, yes this would be a good idea - as a temporary workaround you can press ‘s’ on the keyboard to select your last drawing object when in this mode. Also here is a free drawing tool you can share if you can use it……



Very nice! Thank you!

A drawing tool that you could keep selected makes so much sense! Prezi is a giant whiteboard so it really would be nice to do this. It would be even better if you could draw during presentations. There are very few good whiteboard programs, and those that do exist keep you from being able to click on the screen to move to the next slide. The free drawing tool referenced above doesn’t even have (near as I could tell) an eraser, and is pretty slow.