Audio, audio, audio!

Hi Prezi people,

I had a final presentation yesterday in one of my grad classes, and I used Prezi. The presentation went really well! - but there was one major missing feature that really cramped my style.

I know this has been suggested ad nauseum, but Prezi NEEDS integrated audio support. Yes, I know about all the workarounds, but in this case I needed to play several sound files at different times that extended over the duration of several frames. The workarounds are laborious enough as it is, but in this case they were impossible.

I understand you’re a start-up. I understand you *have* made a lot of updates and improvements. I’m patient. But as a student and educator, I need audio. Prezi has billed itself as a hugely valuable educational tool - but other educators like myself are begging for sound, I’m sure. My account is due for renewal next month, and I’m unsure if I should renew because I have no idea how long it will be until audio is added. If it’s a year, I have to grudgingly switch back to Power Point.

Of course I understand that adding audio is probably a long project. If we had some idea of the estimated time frame, that would be helpful. Or if it’s simply not a priority at this time, I need to know that too.

Prezi is outstanding. For me, it’s truly moved beyond the “wow” factor into a powerful tool for daily use. But it simply doesn’t meet my needs yet. Please give us a time frame!


Hi Dan,

You’re right. Currently we can only offer the workarounds for inserting audio. I wish I could offer a timeline for this feature, but I am not allowed to (due to policies I am not in control of :S).

Please forgive my lack of better insight into our product development process.