Audio quality problem - tried every tip in Prezi

I have an urgent issue that I really hope you can help resolve by monday as I have some studio recording booked - help!

I have an issue with the saved MP4 file audio created by Prezi Video - it has a background/robotic/tinkling sound that you get when a video has been poorly compressed.

I have tried:
-Two laptops, both only about 2 years old.
-Tried it through the laptop mic, a decent webcam mic and a very expensive sennheiser lapel mic.
-Recording done off line through Prezi Video Desktop App.
-No other applications open.
-I save the file locally as Original File size (not mobile or social media size).

My laptop spec is below, which looks fine to me:
Processor: Intel ® Core ™ i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60 GHz 1.80 GHz
RAM: 8GB (7.89 usable/available)
64 bit operating system x64-based processor

What can I do to fix this quickly?

Hi @Gavin_Vanbergen, could you please let us know if you have experienced the same issue with all the microphones you have tried? I’ll forward this to our developers to investigate the issue further.

Thanks for replying Bart.
The microphone is a very high quality Sennheiser so I doubt thats the problem. As I said the external webcam mic and built in laptop webcam mic all get the same issue. Other microphones do work but the whole video file compression is a bit dodgey. audio but also video looks a little pixellated too.

Thanks, @Gavin_Vanbergen, I was just curious if you experience the exact same issue with different devices. :slight_smile:
We’ll get back to you once we have any news about this.

I’ve tried at least 3 other laptops recently. i3 plus processors, 2+GHz etc… Also, tried 3 different types of external mics (headset, handheld mic & lappel mic) all have this similar audio compression issue.

Also all have used the desktop app to ensure it wasn’t any internet issue.

I’m desperately running out of time to get this project recorded and hoping there is some kind of patch!

Hi @Gavin_Vanbergen, could you please make sure that the correct microphone is selected in the Prezi Video application? You can double-check this in the bottom right corner during the recording.

Could you also tell me if recordings made by other applications have a better audio quality on your devices (using the same microphones)?

Hi Bart
Definitely selecting the correct mic in the desktop app (and know how to set them in my laptop settings too). I also test it by tapping on the mic and can see the volume spiking as a secondary check.

Having now tried Prezi with numerous different laptops due to sheer desperation and having now trialled Camtasia with the same laptops/equipment (Camtasia works completely fine - great quality of video and audio) it seems to me the Prezi Desktop App compression is the issue - not my laptop or my mics.

I am currently getting increasingly dissappointed here and close to requesting my money back as what I was sold turns out not to be the reality. I would love to be able to use Prezi as my client liked the format but absolutley cannot tolerate tempermental quality!

I’m running out of time with my client project so a patch or fix is needed really today/tomorrow otherwise I shall have to make a decision to move away from Prezi.

Hi @Gavin_Vanbergen, thanks for the feedback and we are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you.

I’ll send you a private message shortly to be able to better help you.

Not sure if this will help, but it helped me with a few weird issues along the way. Try doing it in incognito mode.

Thanks for the recommendation but I’m recording through the desktop app, not online so I don’t think that will help.