Auto-compress images possible?

I’ve recently made a prezi with lots of portrait pictures of individuals in it, which I’ve pulled off the web. Unfortunately I didn’t check the file sizes of the different images, I just kept copying and replacing content. Now I’ve got a prezi with 30+ images and some of them may be too large, leading to a clunky presentation. Is there anything I can do to easily optimize this, or should I really download every single picture to my harddrive, resize it, and re-upload them?

An “auto-compress” option to delete cropped parts of pictures and compress them to a manageable file size would be really helpful.

Hello Bob Deen,

unfortunately there is no auto compression feature at this time (although oversized jpeg images give an opportunity to resize when inserting).  It may be worth downloading a portable Prezi and looking in the data/repo folder at the images in your Prezi (use dimensions to see their actual size) - in this way you can see what is in the Prezi. Usually clunky Prezis are caused by large SWF files (also PDFs which are converted to swf files) or by lots of content. Also the computer you use can have some bearing on performance.

Hope this helps


Don’t forget that (if you haven’t already) you can upgrade your license to
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