Auto launch in full-screen when sharing.

Please consider auto-launching in full-screen when sharing through hyperlink. The viewing window is too small/too heavily branded as Prezi, and viewers sometimes become confused about the source and creator of presentations.

Hi Britton Crum,

I sure this has been already asked on our user request list - in the mean time have a look at this link (a bit old now but might be useful - and slidedynamic)…

Another useful thing to do is when sharing a ‘share’ link for editing - change the edit bit /edit/ in the link to /view/ and it will open in a bigger screen.

hope this helps



Prezi tip: See video tutorials and cheat sheets here on the Learn Page

Until the option to have a Prezi to launch automatically in full screen mode, could the left and right buttons be shrunk slightly so the Autoplay and Fullscreen options are not hidden under “More”?

Hi Jim, I am not aware of any plans to do this in the near future - however I will put your request on the user request list and see what happens - if you use the tip I gave you earlier you will not see these arrows though when sharing the link.