Auto-play set to Auto-play?

How to I set the auto-play feature to know to auto-play with 4 sec look every time it’s opened?

My file is going to a client and they have no knowledge of this program, i would like them to be able to open the file and it to just ‘work’ without them needing to learn anything ie clicking or setting the auto-play feature. I want this to work for a dummy!


Dear Naomi,

I am here to help :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but at the moment, anytime when you open a Prezi, you should click on the ‘Autoplay button’.

Let me share with you 2 trics which maybe could help:

  1. previously, when I introduced new solutions, I always attached a short description. In this case, I would write something like this:
    ‘please click on the link below and when the presentation is loaded, please click on the small clock icon in the right corner and choose 4 secs.
    This way, the whole presentation will be played automatically’.

  2. however, it is possible to record your prezi and the result will be a video. It is not an ‘official solution’, but let me mention to you the ‘Screencast programs’ (I am sure you will find many in Google).

Hope this helps!

Happy Zooming,
László :slight_smile:

What kind of file do you need to create from Prezi to upload to Screencast? 


I’m trying to create a prezi video through Quicktime Player but I’m not successful. Please could you write me step by step what I should do? I’m just wasting my time by trying it again and again…
many thanks for you help.

Thanks Vera, but there is no voice that I added into the prezi recorded. How can I get out a video including voice to put it onto my web page?