Automatic animation in a frame

If I use animation in a frame, do I need to click the mousebutton to let all the content show? Or is it possible that I click once to get this frame, and let the content come automatically with a set intervaltime?
I know that it is possible to do this for the whole presentation, but that’s not what I want. I want to do a manual presentation, with an automatic animatio in some frames.

Travis Hitchcock (Employee): Hi RemcoH,

Unfortunately this feature is not currently available in Prezi.


Well, it’s a shared idea now…

Bump on this question?

Bump on this question again

Yes please!!!
It’s frustrating that this isn’t possible…

Still nothing?


Currently it is not possible to add autoplay for just only the animations.
If you are using autoplay, the animations will be also autoplayed.

Happy Zooming,
István Csúsz

Miss this function, too !

Me too, especially when using voiceovers. I want the animation to play while the narration can be heard, but I don’t necessarily want to use autoplay.

Currently? Does that mean we can look forward to getting the possibility?

I second the urgent need of automatically appearing animation content when operating with voiceovers!! Kérünk szépen titeket, fejlesztők! :slight_smile:

Me too! It would be such a valuable improvement!

I agree, it’s such a necessary feature, it’s hard to believe this hasn’t been down in three years now. I reverted back to PowerPoint because at least it can do that without me having to click endlessly.

I to agree. Im back on keynote again. When prezi get this feature up and running i might be back. 

I make prezi’s for others and it is always the first question i get. And i have to explain again and again that it is not possible. Why does it take so long to make this work? It would be a significant improvement.
But still like prezi

Such an official reply is a brushoff.  Ignoring such an important and oft repeated question indicates a lack of concern for users.

Please do not reply with a Thanks for your feedback.


Dear Vera

Thank you for taking your time to respond to the posts in this thread. Now, is it possible that you could tell us if there is any chance of this requested feature to be implemented or not? In other words: will it happen some day, that animations in frames can start automatically?

Best regards,

Such a shame… Should be prioritized…

Dear Vera,

Please consider myself as another user who desperately need the animation in frames to work automatically. Also many of the people to whom I show Prezzi ask for this function. We hope Prezzi re-consider this function in it ́s short term plans.

Best regards,

Jose Oseguera

It’s very odd that given such a powerful tool this fundamentally obvious (and not overly complicated to implement)  feature continue to be overlooked by the makers.
Full credit to an awesome tool, but uber bad marks on a company that charges very good money to use their product and ignores continued feedback to get in a basic feature.

My organization just subscribed to Prezi and I am surprised this is not a function. It’s the first thing my boss asked me when I showed her the Prezi I had built. We’re building a prezi for our VP to use when he presents at an upcoming town hall, the less he has to manually build the better because he often does not get much time to practice the prezi. We can’t automate the whole thing because he still needs to be in control.