Automatic autoplay when opening a Prezi

Is there a way to set the prezi to Automatic autoplay? I would like to send a prezi via email, but want to make sure it plays automatically when opened.

Hi Lindsey,

The current autoplay system requires manual activation for it to work. I recommend that you include the direction of activating autoplay in your email or actual prezi if it essential for viewing your presentation.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


This is should be an embedded parameter like autoplay_delay=4 or autodelay=10 or something of that nature to allow you to just embed the prezi in an iframe and set the autoplay=1 parm and then set the dealy time in seconds you want.

This would allow Prezi users to utilize prezi as an auto-slide show for websites. A lot of people would really use prezi for this and many would buy prezi just for that feature because it would allow for a new option besides doing jquery and complicated css animations.


i agree. after i found out its not automatic im kinda not interested anymore because i need it for work

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So, do you think it is possible to use parameters like autoplay_delay=4 or autodelay=10 (like BryantAvay said) to set an embedded prezi on autoplay? 

yes, autoplay would be very useful

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Thank you. I wan ́t to autoplay an embedded prezi. That doesn ́t work. The visitors alway have to click to start the prezi. autoplay_delay=4 or autodelay=10 etc. would be very useful.

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I would like to use a prezi for our eboard at school, but it stops and I have to keep going to hit the mouse to start it up again.  Bummer


I also need my prezi to automatically run inside a frame of my web page.

I agree with Cristiano Plini, “having to explain in my web site things like “click the cogwheel etc…” is not really elegant and promising for a potential customer who’s browsing my web for the first time.”

Can Prezi support please advise if this feature can be developed?


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A quick follow-up question on the subject. If a viewer opens a link ending with “/view” - does it count to the total number of presentation views? 
Thank you, 

Thanks Vanda. 

I’d prefer when a client starts the download version of a Prezi, that it start in full screen mode. Is there a way to accomplish this?

When will it be possible to autoplay an embedded prezi ?

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I wish it would be. This is a greatly desired feature.

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We’re all still interested in this feature being developed. Can we get an update on if your dev team will be creating this update? It really would result in more people buying Prezi so they can use on their sites without an ugly play button.