automatic sync with and local back-up for PreziDesktop


I got this idea while reading through…

In order to give PreziDesktop users more control over their prezis and allow easy integration to 3rd party back-up and sync programs, it would be great if PreziDesktop was endowed with some options to:

  • specify a local back-up folder to which all prezis opened in PreziDesktop are copied as .pez
    – file versioning would then be very easy, even with heavy user-customization like how many versions to keep (limited by number or disk space), or how often new versions should be created).
    — these settings could be saved in .pez meta data or a database for the PreziDesktop installation or the user account

  • force PreziDesktop to automatically sync with (at user-configurable time intervals, save or close)

  • making these two options globally available for the user account and/or a PreziDesktop installation
    – I guess .pez meta data would not be the best place to save these then, but a database for the user account and/or a PreziDesktop installation

  • but still allowing individual prezis and/or PreziDesktop installation to be re-configured (while by default inheriting the settings of the higher level (prezi < PreziDesktop installation < account)

Thanks for any info, comments, criticism and release date :wink: on this!