Autoplay Cogwheel?


I can’t autoplay my presentation. I’ve downloaded the app, downloaded the presentation, but I don’t have a “cogwheel” to select autoplay.


@Shared_Serivces Did you also export the presentation and open the zip/exe file? The autoplay function can only be used with the portable presentation.

In case your portable presentation does not have the cogwheel icon please tell me the title of it in question so I can investigate directly. Thanks in advance.


Hi Agnes -

I can only download the presentation or export to PDF. Neither create a
Zip file… I was able to do that with Classic but can’t seem to do it
with Next…

Please let me know what you recommend.

Thank you,



Hi Liann, with a Plus license you are able to use the Prezi Next desktop application where you are also able to export a so called portable presentation that comes in zip or exe format.

You can learn about the downloading process in this Knowledge Base article.

Once you download and open this self-executable file, you should see the cogwheel in the bottom where you can set your presentation to advance in every 4, 10 or 20 seconds.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Anges -

Yea I did that. But I just tried with a new presentation and it works.
Does this only work for certain templates?

You can see in the screen shot below, one presentation has it and the
other does not…

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Hi Liann,

Could you send me the view link of the presentation in question please?
I will test it so we can see if there are any specific issues with it and investigate more thoroughly.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Agnes -

Thank you, I appreciate you looking in to this

Thank you,



Thank you Liann, I tested your presentations and the reason why you do not have the cogwheel icon on one of them is that this presentation also contains voiceovers.

Since the autoplay function offers a 4, 10 or 20 sec delay, it would be inconvenient to move forwards in these given times in case the voiceover is longer/shorter. This is why the cogwheel icon is removed from presentations containing voiceovers.

As a workaround I can recommend you to create a screencast of your presentation with a screen recording software supporting audio (for example Camtasia) so you can move forwards when you wish but eventually be able to just play the presentation automatically in a video format. I hope this is a suitable solution for you.


Thanks for all your time, I appreciate the explanation

Thank you,