Autoplay/thumbnail for an embedded Prezi

I would like to embed a Prezi in an iframe on a website. However, when the webpage loads, the presentation looks really unattractive with a grey box and blue “Present” button. Is it possible to make this look less bad?

I feel that either could work:
a) autostarting the presentation so that the user sees the first slide
b) having a custom thumbnail which is not as bad as a grey box

Are any of those options available?


Hi @Matt_L. Currently this is the only option. However, I have transformed your question into an idea and we will be forwarding it further.

Is there any traction on this? I have the same issue for an embedded presentation and would like it to autostart so the user sees the first slide. Any update?

Hi @Kenya_Simon, I’m afraid we currently don’t have any updates about this option, but in the meantime, I’d recommend you to create a screen recording of your presentation with an external software and share it in video format - this way it can be looped and the Present button does not have to be displayed.

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you did it on your website

can you please share how you did it.

Hello @Shuaib_Chaudhary, the presentation you’re referring to is a reusable one, when you share the link of the presentation it will open up like this. When you embed the presentation using the embed code on a website it is not possible to modify the thumbnail currently. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Any update on this from the idea status?

Hi @Melanie_Bryant, currently we do not have any news regarding this feature, but we will update this thread once this changes. :slight_smile:

Any update to this?

Hello @Tom_Seidel, we still don’t have any updates on this, we’ll forward the feedback to our Product team and let you know if there any news!

Hi Catarina,

On all your Prezi Gallery pages, the Prezi presentations start without the “Present” button:

Will you please advise on how Prezi accomplishes to start these on the first slide?

Kind regards

Hello @Corne_Prinsloo, the presentations in the Gallery are not embedded, they are inserted in our website, so it works differently. Currently, it’s not possible to remove the play button from embedded presentations, but we’ll forward your feedback to our Product team!

Is there any update on this? I am looking to embed one into my website but would prefer it not to have a play button and instead be the static image of the start of my prezi.

It being almost 5 years since the original post, I am also interested in an update.

As Jaeden_Krein noted, a “static image of the start of my prezi” would be much preferable to the big ugly play button.

Or even instead of “replacing” the play button we “skip” it. What function does that play button screen serve? It seems like just an unnecessary step coming between the viewer and the content.