Autoplay, time line, audio, ...


I am just thinking out loud here …

I think it would be interesting to

  • add an autoplay function with time settings and loop function
  • add a timeline underneath the thumbnails with frames (as in Flash) where you can drag duration, maybe change path speed, …
  • add audio, with a visual of the audio underneath that time line

Basically expand Prezi to a complete visual media tool so it is not limited to ‘giving presentations’ but also to make it a complete media authoring tool.

As I said: thinking out loud here :slight_smile:

  1. Prezi has an autoplay feature. If you click the show button and hold down the forward arrow you will get an option for autoplay settings

  2. Great idea, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

  3. There are some user created methods to add audio, check this forum for suggested ideas.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and we are looking forward to implementing user requested features.

  1. I know, but there isn’t any control on duration and no loop, correct?

  2. you’re welcome

As for the 3), I know, but wouldn’t it be a shocker if Prezi had this feature built in? It would create a great leap forward in the market as well.