Back to Start in View Mode

It would be great if we could restart a presentation from the beginning when viewing a Prezi. It would be much easier than clicking backwards through the whole thing or reloading the page.

I know when editing you can go back to Frame 1 by pushing and holding the back button, could this same technique be implemented when viewing? (maybe its possible in view mode right now, but I haven’t figured it out.

It is possible to go back to the first path when viewing. Simply right-click anywhere, then click “Back to start”. This command is also available when editing.

Wow! would you look at that haha learn something new everyday

Thanks gparyani!

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You can also click and hold the back arrow in Show mode as shown at the bottom of this cheat sheet:…

Marking this as “implemented” since it is already a feature in prezi.

Hey Angelie,

I knew that this click and hold technique was possible in the Edit/View mode. It would be great if that same click and hold was possible when just viewing the prezi outside the editor mode. but like Gparyani said, i can just right click so that works