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I’m new in Prezi, and I’m trying to get back to the main topic.
For example, I advanced to my subtopic 1, and before going to subtopic 2, I want back to main topic.

I saw that I should click in the arrow,


But, i cant use a mouse … i’m doing a presentation only clicking NEXT or PREVIOUS


Hi, @Daniel_Petrin_Bertin.

Unfortunately, amongst our shortcuts, there is no such option.

But if you use only the keyboard, I have suggestion for you to use a “fake overview”, then you do not ned anything else except for Next and Previous buttons.

Just like shown in this presentation, you can do the following:

  1. Make a screenshot of the overview
  2. Place the screenshot above subtopic 1
  3. Add “Fade in” animation to it

In the video below you can see how I added the screenshot and added an animation to it and how the result looks:



Thanks for the answer.

Ok, i understood.

Is there any way to use Prezi Classic?


You are very welcome.

As you can see from this thread, getting a Prezi Classic account is no longer possible, I’m afraid.


@Lana - I want to be sure I’m understanding correctly, because this seems like a basic usability feature. Based on your reply, I’m understanding that I cannot select the presentation order of topics, unless I go through this kluge workaround with screenshots?

Why can’t I tell the presentation what order I want it in? What if I want to present:

  • Topic
  • Subtopic 1
    – Sub level 2, # 1
  • Subtopic 1
    – Sub level 2, #2
  • Topic

There’s no way to do this? Or am I misunderstanding?


@Justus_Stewart Currently this order cannot be set, however you can there is another way to work around this.

Please check this forum topic where you can also find a presentation displaying how this workaround will look like: