Background file format for crisp view


I have not see the answer for this in the forum so if it is there forgive this question. There are been many comments about how unsharp uploaded backgrounds are. What file format does Prezi use for a nice crisp background? How can we do the same with your “blank template” work around? In classic we could use PDF, but that no longer true with Next. This is a HUGE struggle for us since we need to use our company backgrounds and what I have used comes out fuzzy or Pixeled


Thank you for the feedback.

Prezi Next automatically resizes background images to be 1800 pixels in width. We resize images to make sure that all viewers have a smooth experience with Prezi Next - to make sure all computers can handle the presentation. And, yes, in some cases pixelation does happen if a frame that is added is small and requires a lot of zooming in.

Please know that you can choose to change the background in any presentation, and for the best experience, we would recommend using a PNG file.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


I get all that you are saying and have done it, but unfortunately, PNGs are NOT good to zoom in on. Even you suggested PDFs but now we cannot use it. We are sticking to Classic right now until we find another program that is better or if Prezi makes Next work better for our needs. :frowning: Again, FLASH is NOT Presenter Pro compatible and our hope was that the upgrade to Next would solve that problem. It has with the compatibility, but NOW we still might as well use PowerPoint with the lack of using Next like Classic. I am not sure if Prezi is understanding that this frustration is moving very quickly to dropping Prezi altogether. There has been no formal communication that Prezi truly understands the frustration and a plan as to how Prezi will keep its customers. :frowning: YES! We are frustrated!


We understand the frustration, @RobinsNest_Pro and regularly channel your feedback to our product teams. We hope to come up with a solution that you will like.


Thank you for your answer. I will look forward to that solution. One thing that is a theme for many is that not all of us are sales people and it feels like Prezi is now ONLY a sales device for the present and future technology. If that is in fact the direction that Prezi is going, you will miss a HUGE area of presentations. As I have discussed with others who have been using Prezi (other companies in my area), most have stated that they too are looking for something else that has both the great innovation of Classic and the universal use of PowerPoint. Just the other day I had 3 people tell me that they are going back to PowerPoint because of Next and the to be outdated tech of Classic. Just want you to hear what people who are not in the forum are saying. I know Prezi wants to be an innovator for sales, but the other side of presentations seems to have been left out. At least that is what my firm and others are feeling. This is some honest, non-frustration feed back for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing, @RobinsNest_Pro, we appreciate it.


I agree with the low quality of the PDF’s. I thought it was only me. And for me, the performance and smoothness of Next is very poor, especially with videos, compared to Classic. I too am reverting back to PowerPoint for now.


We’re sad to see you go, @Robert_Malone, we hope you’ll return at a later point.


Please can I ask why 1800x1125 was chosen as the ratio for the background image to be resized to?

If you take a look on this page:-

you can see that the chosen ratio is not 16x9 … in fact - it’s not any standard format - which is distinctly strange!

At least in Classic when I chose a widescreen format and dropped a frame I knew exactly what was going to be displayed - now it seems to be just guesswork?


@Andrew_Vorster, please excuse the confusion, with 1800 width and 16:9 ratio it should be 1800 x 1012 for the best performance.