Background image not loading and will not fit to overview

Hi Team, between Christmas and New Year I attempted to edit my presentation and now the background image will not load, I just get the spinning wheel. I can see it in the ‘My Presentations’ view bit when I attempt to edit, it does not load.

During the Christmas break, I was attempting to fit the background image to overview but the option does not appear now for some reason when I select ‘Backgrounds & Themes’ as it had previously.

A little help would be much appreciated!

I should also note I’ve tried to view in Edge, Chrome & Firefox, with all I get the same results. Thanks.

Hello @Jane_Holmes, could you please try to insert the background image once again? Let me know if it’s working now!

Thanks, @Catarina, but it was a preloaded image on a prezi template and I cannot see the same image in the prezi library to add it again.

This image:

Hello @Jane_Holmes, could you please check if the background is the correct version now?

Thanks @Catarina, that is correct. I seem to have lost a little data but it won’t take me a jiffy to put back in. On my other problem, fitting the background image to overview but the option does not appear now for some reason when I select ‘Backgrounds & Themes’ as it had previously. Online tutorials show the fit to screen but I no longer see that option, do you know why? Has there been some updates to the software?

Hello @Jane_Holmes, there were some updates with the Background & Theme and the “Fit image to overview” feature will be released again shortly.

@Catarina, great, do you know when exactly? Thansk for you help today, you have been super!

Hello @Jane_Holmes, I still cannot provide an estimated date, but it will be released soon :slight_smile: we are happy to help!


I have a similar problem. A background image from Prezi library does not fit the overview. A button “fit to overview” does nothing. I have tried both desktop and web Prezi with no result. Can you help me with it?
A screenshot of my case is attached

Hello @Pavel_Komissarov, when you add any background image, the editor automatically fits it to the overview. You can use that button when you move your elements around and need to fit the background once again, as shown here.

If you would like to display a bigger area of the background image, a good workaround is to use an invisible text box to push the borders.

Hope this could help, let us know if you have further questions!

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Thanks Gus!
The technics with invisible text box works. But the button “fit to overview” does nothing. Can we ask to fix this issue?

Hello @Pavel_Komissarov, that button only works when you move something close to the borders which changes the background area, as my colleague demonstrated in this example :slight_smile:

Let us now if you have further questions!

@Catarina and Prezi users: forgive me if this has also been mentioned, but I’ve found that rather than move individual items around (such as an invisible text box to anchor a particular corner), it also works to create one large rectangle at the desired 16:9 size/scale and then just make that rectangle invisible by reducing the opacity to 0%. Then I’m free to move any details within that rectangle as needed without fear of my “background” resizing itself. I believe I also “send to back” to make sure it’s the bottom-most layer of the presentation. Hope that makes sense! Just another potential way to accomplish, in case anyone else wanted to try.

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Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, that’s also a great workaround to define the borders of the background, thank you so much for sharing it!