Background music doesn't stop when video plays


The background music does not stop for video clips. What should I do?

Hello, I’m experiencing the same problem. My prezi is…


Thanks a lot for your help! It worked perfectly!!!


Hi Vera,

I just tried this trick and it worked, though I noticed my background music started at the beginning after each video. Is there a way to make the background music continuous even though it is interrupted when a video plays?

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Hi Vera,

I’m having the same problem as Sara - I got the background music to stop while a video plays but then it starts back from the beginning. Can you help?


Hi Vera (and all),

I found out from one of the Prezi support desk staff that Prezi doesn’t currently have that capability to have the background music be continuous without starting over each time after a video. They have noted my request as they develop new features. 


Hi, could you help me solve an opposite problem?

I have a Prezi with some background music and a number of embedded videos. I want the background music to play all the way through the presentation without interruption, i.e. over videos. How can I do it?

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I want my music to play continuously while Prezi provides changing visuals

This issue does still not appear to have been resolved over the past two years, and there is not yet a way to stop audio looping. The only way I can see to narrate a presentation is by recording individual audio files for each slide (in a fifteen minute presentation this is 70 audio clips).