Background of my Prezi has completely disappeared


I have been using Prezi classic because I already had a presentation done and didn’t want to spend the time re-doing it under Prezi Next. I was tweaking it, revising some content and all of a sudden the entire background (template) disappeared. I had an additional copy of the same Prezi, so started to work on it since I couldn’t figure out how to get the background back. Now it is gone as well. A totally white background with my content is all I have left. I teach in the morning and was planning on using this for my class again! HELP!!!


@T_Sholty Please share the link of the presentation so we can take a look, thanks in advance!


This is the link for the "copy’ of the presentation

ALL of the presentation including the slides are missing from the original:

Thanks for your help!

Toni Sholty


It seems like the content of the presentation was deleted, I reverted the presentation and the background and the frames are visible now. Is this the version you were looking for?