Backtrack to find asset on computer after Prezi use?

Is there a way to find the origin of an asset (image/video, etc.) in one of my prezis? For example, I have a video in a presentation and I’m sure it’s saved on my PC somewhere, but I have no idea where… I imagine if I keep digging, I’ll locate, but I was curious if there was a saved source or anything that would be easy to pull up through Prezi to direct me to the right PC directory/location to re-use that same video elsewhere.


The easiest method I always use for extracting files from a Prezi Next presentation:

  1. Download the Prezi from the Desktop app as portable .exe file.
  2. Rename the file extension from .exe to .zip
  3. Extract the file
  4. Inside there is a Contents folder which has all the images and videos from your Prezi

Perfect, thanks! I forgot about this “trick” but I’ll bookmark my post to remember now. :grin:

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