Best dimensions for a presentation in Prezi Video

Hi, I am looking to convert a presentation I made in Canva for use in Prezi Video. I want to convert it from a landscape format to a portrait format. What dimension are ideal?

Hi @Shorombo_Mooij, Prezi Video records its videos in 16:9 aspect ratio.

Currently we do not have a portrait format in Prezi Video. Would you need to record your video in a portrait format?

Hi Bart, maybe I was clear. I am using Prezi video with a PowerPoint presentation. It seems that Prezi Video is most suitable for vertical presentation so what would be the ideal dimension?

Hi @Shorombo_Mooij, could you please elaborate on what you mean by that?

If you plan on using Prezi Video you can either record/stream the content only, or the content with your camera view. If you plan on using your camera view as well it is advised to create your content in a way that it does not overlap your camera view.

If you plan on importing a Powerpoint it might be a good idea to user 9:16 aspect ratio and see how that works on the side of your view.