Best way to insert code samples / code snippets



I would like to add code samples (with highlighted syntax) written in R! and Python to my Prezi.

Currently, I use one of the online or desktop syntax highlighter tools, create print screen and paste it to Prezi. However this solution has obvious drawback as the code is stored as a raster image, not a vector or text.

I’ve tried to export colored code to HTML and Word document and then copy it to Prezi. Unfortunately, when I paste it to Prezi, it is displayed as raw text without coloured syntax.


@Mateusz_Kedzior - convert your screen capture into a PDF first before inserting it into Prezi. It will give you a vector image.



Thank you for the suggestion, @Robin_Pierman! Yes, printing the sample from an editor to PDF is the best option (it’s available on macOS as a print device and you can find different ways to achieve the same on Windows here).