Best way to insert code samples/snippets


I would like to add code samples (with highlighted syntax) written in R! and Python to my Prezi.

Currently, I use one of the online or desktop syntax highlighter tools, create print screen and paste it to Prezi. However this solution has obvious drawback as the code is stored as a raster image, not a vector or text.

I’ve tried to export colored code to HTML and Word document and then copy it to Prezi. Unfortunately, when I paste it to Prezi, it is displayed as raw text without coloured syntax.

@Mateusz_Kedzior - convert your screen capture into a PDF first before inserting it into Prezi. It will give you a vector image.


Thank you for the suggestion, @Robin_Pierman! Yes, printing the sample from an editor to PDF is the best option (it’s available on macOS as a print device and you can find different ways to achieve the same on Windows here).

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Sadly, this solution is completely untenable for most Software Developers since code-samples in software presentations need to be manipulated in small ways, many, many times as the presentation is refined. The lack of a good (or even workable) way to paste code-samples into Prezi presentations is the single reason that Prezi has not been embraced by the software develoment community en-mass. It is the reason that I have cancelled my subscription two years ago immediately after I subscribed.

If Prezi would allow pasting rich-formatted code, or even better, allow github-style Markdown code (like many online text editors including Prezi’s own community support Forum!) I would gladly adopt Prezi and suggest it to every software developer!

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Hey @Alexander_Ioffe, thanks for your feedback, I’ve passed it on to our development team for further consideration. Until then I’m afraid the above solution would be the workaround :slight_smile:

hi I’d like to insert my python code in a presentation so that it works as if it were runned.

there’s a way to do this? If yes i’d be glad if someone explained me how :wink:

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Hello @Tobia_Cimino, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I would advise you to check the recommendations above :slight_smile: