Big apresentation don't load


Hi, I’m brazilian!
I gave a presentation with people and photos, which in total amount to approximately 1200 people. Now my presentation does not load in my browser.
I use the Chrome browser to do the work, which lasted for weeks.

Is there any size limit in MB or GB for a project? I use the free license.

If not, how can I solve the problem?


Hello @Guilherme_Carvalho, could you please send us the view link of the presentation so we can investigate it?


Links from the same presentation.


Hello @Guilherme_Carvalho, we don’t have a size limit for presentations, but as it has a lot of content it can have some performance issues.

I would recommend you to clear the cache/cookies of your browser, and try to open the presentation once again. Please, let us know if it worked out!


Yes, I did it in my 2 computers (home and work). Don’t solve the problem.
And I installed the browser Firefox but it isn’t supported.
Also, disabilited my Firewall and antvírus.


Hello @Guilherme_Carvalho, Firefox is also supported in Prezi, you can check more about it in our system requirements article. Could you please send us your computer specifications?



Work Computer.


Hello @Guilherme_Carvalho, unfortunately as the presentation has a huge amount of content I am afraid that Windows 7 is not being able to support it.

Do you have any other computer with a more recent OS that you could test?


Hi! In my home computer, I was able to access the project and edit.
Configs: AMD Fx 6300 + 8g RAM + GTX 1050 2G.

But in my work neither the small presentations open to edit. I only can visualise.


Hello @Guilherme_Carvalho, unfortunately it seems like your work computer is not being able to support Prezi Next.

I can recommend you to try to update your browser and also not having other programs/applications opened while editing in your work computer. Let me know if it worked out!